Thursday, May 6, 2010

May 6 Commitee Meeting


Present: Hal Loewen, Ian Hall, Ron Brown, Steve Johnston, Gary Sewell. Emailed in on one point Adam Bergen apparently also including views of Kevin Kilbrei. Regrets: Arlene Woodcock and Taras Macyk.
Firstly I would like to thank Gary for bringing pizza. He may have thought that he brought too much however I think the rest of us were able to impress him with our food eating prowess.
The first item which we addressed was a Manitoba Cyclocross Cup. We will have a formal one this year with a championship awarded in for the men and women in both A and B categories.
Here are the rules which we have determined:
Sept 12 – Belgian SuperCross, Olympia, Cup 1
Sept 19 – Wildwood Cross,Woodcock, Cup 2
Sept 25 – CMUCross – FGBC, Cup 3
Oct 3 – Omands Creek Cross – Training Co-Op – Cup 4
Oct 16 St. Malo Cross – Olympia and Oct 17 Southern Cross, FGBC will be run as the “Cross Grand Prix” which will be a award an overall weekend winner and will count as Cup 5 together.
Oct 24, Whittier Cross – FOG, Cup 6
Oct 30, Harbourview – RRR, Cup 7
Winner will receive a Cup Jersey. There will be a jersey in Men and Women for Cat A and B.
Points will be awarded as with all other MCA Cup points as follows:
1 – 30, 2nd – 25, 3 – 22, 4 – 20, and there on decending by one point.
Riders will not be allowed to drop any results. Total points is what will determine the winner(s)
If a rider moves up from categories they can take 50% of their points from B to A. Rider movement will be determined in accordance with the MCA standard on the Road which is by decision of the Road Co-Ordinator, Chief Commissaire, and Provincial Coach. Riders may move down upon request however points will not be transferred down.
****UCI rules with respect to bicycle standards for cross bikes, i.e. no disc brakes, no mountain bikes, will be enforced for the 2010 season in all races for Cat A. For Provincial Championships UCI bicycle spec rules will be applied to each participant. THIS WILL BE EVALUATED AS TO WHETHER OR NOT IT WILL BE APPLIED TO CATEGORY B in 2011******
Women’s races will staged so as to start 30 seconds behind the men in each category. This is done in the interest of fairness to the racers in each category.
We will be creating a racers information pamphlet, basically what to expect at a race. This will be geared towards first time participants. If there is anything you think we should add please canvass with your club. Ideas include: equipment you need (i.e. helmet, etc), proper mass start equipment etc., what to expect at a race (i.e. signup procedure etc).
-If anyone has pictures of racing they would like put up please send them in.
-we will be creating a link to archived race results on the new web page (we think we can go back 2 years).
-if people have GPS routes we will be creating a link to a website where people can post up their rides so that we can share ride locations.
****WE WOULD ALSO ASK CLUBS TO CANVASS MEMBERS TO SEE IF THEY HAVE PEOPLE WITHIN THE CLUB WHO ARE: 1) Writers, or 2) computer literate, 3) design backgrounds, to assist on the MCA web committee which may be created. Please ask. If people are interested they should contact Hal Loewen or myself.
3. FORMS FOR ORGANIZERS Related to above, but mostly Organizer focused: I understand that on the road so far we have done very well with the filing of Forms. We would like to thank organizers for taking the time to do these forms, they ultimately help everyone and I can also advise there has been very positive feedback on the Race Bibles which have gone up on the website. Good Job EVERYONE!.
However – (there is always a but) – it turns out you do not have to do as much work as you have been doing. When submitting the forms it is apparently easier to post them if they are simply sent in as a Word doc, rather than PDF.
***IF ORGANIZERS DO NOT COMPLETE FORMS the website will simply put a direction that if racers have questions they will be directed to contact the organizer directly. With few exceptions the MCA is NOT the organizer and racers need to be given information from the people who actually are organizing so as to avoid confusion.
Finally, FORM C – EMERGENCY MEDICAL INFORMATION – needs to be provided prior to 48 hours before a race. The Commissaires will not run races without proper medical being in place and if an organizer does not have medical in place then we need to have time to cancel races if we know it in advance.

FOG ITT will be moved. The consensus is to move it to a date in June. FOG will update shortly. There are issues with the Park. We are considering locating to a Thursday or a Sunday am.
May 15 Race in Darlingford is postponed. More to come.
June 8 Crit and June 15 FOG races will be switching to accommodate organizers (subject to Permit)
I have been working with community partners to get this in place. We are close and should know by next week. Right now we still do not have a single club to organize and would simply ask that each club provide 2 volunteers to allow us to run the race. This should allow all racers to race.
Thank you again to everyone and keep the rubber side down.

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